Box shipping protection with void fill packing peanuts

Air, Paper, and Foam Protective Packaging

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A wide variety of packaging foam, cushioning, and other protective solutions because we understand the necessity of transportation without fault or damage.

Protective Packaging Materials:
Void Fill & Cushioning

At OPC, we are committed to helping you choose the right protective packaging. When you’re trying to send products, whether they are fragile or sturdy, you want to ensure the items arrive at the destination safely. Choosing the right cushioning doesn’t only ensure your packages ship safely but also saves you money. Our high-quality void fill packaging and cushioning provides the protective services you need.

Choosing the Right Protective Packaging Material

There are three main types of packaging void fill: inflated air packaging, paper void fill, and foam. Understanding the differences between the three will help you choose the right type. You should also take certain factors into consideration, such as how fragile products are, the void space, shipping costs, and the level of protection necessary.

Most Common Eco-Friendly Void Fill Packaging and Cushioning:

Inflated Air Packaging
When boxes are heavy, nothing is lighter or cheaper than air. Extremely versatile in protective packaging.
Bubble wrap, Air Pillows

Known for being environmentally friendly, recyclable, and compostable void fill solutions.
Kraft Paper, Packing Tissue, Newsprint Paper

Known for its lightweight, durable, effective, and recyclable void fill solutions.
Foam Sheeting, Foam Loose Fill, Foam in Place

It’s time to switch to OPC Direct to ensure you’re using the best shipping cushioning products. You’ll love our products and hands-on customer service.  

Protective Packaging Supplies like packaging peanuts and bubble wrap

loose void fill – Foam

Roll of protective packaging bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

Corrugated roll of protective packaging

Corrugated Rolls

Corrugated sheets of protective packaging

Corrugated Sheets

Foam sheets of protective packaging

Foam Sheets – Styrofoam

Roll of brown kraft packaging void fill

Kraft Paper Rolls

Sealed Air pillow void fill for packaging and shipping

Inflatable air pillows


Padded paper mailer envelopes for light weight and cost-effective packaging supplies

Padded Paper Mailers

universal inflation system

FasFil Jet is a large paper void-fill dispenser

Paper Void-Fill System

Twin Vertical Foam Molding Station for protective packaging

Molded Foam Solutions